Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Geek and Gamer Girls

I wouldn't necessarily call myself a Geek or a Gamer girl but there are things mentioned in this video that I do love mainly Doctor Who (even though I have never seen one of the old ones, I really should watch them some day) and Star Wars (the original 3, the latest 3 are a pile of crap,) and I was obsessed with playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 on my PC for a quite a while until my hard drives had to be wiped and I lost it, I do miss playing that game. Also I love Yoshi from Mario so much so that I had a cuddle toy of Yoshi and even Yoshi slippers.


Addition to earlier post - 

And I found it a bit ammusing that I had written this post earlier in the day. The article is about how the sci fi and fantasy genre is 99% of the time aimed solely at men and how this should be changed as do actually like it too. However there is one part I don't like and it's this...
 "And, to anyone who anyone that thinks that targeting girls and women within the sci fi and fantasy genres won't be successful or profitable, I have one word for you: Twilight." because personally I hate Twilight.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Pig Trough

To add to the street name Grope Lane (formerly Grope Cunt Lane) I found that Shrewsbury also has a street called this..

I wonder what other odd street names are in this town. I remember me and Matt going on a bit of a road trip around the Birmingham area with a map trying to find places with strange names. Here are a few

And then just driving down a road this sign was spotted and I just had to take a picture of it

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Most Fucked Up Clip Of The Day

I was very bored earlier today so I was looking through the many many videos I have recorded over the years and decided to make a little compilation of some of my favourites and put it up on here.

A little back story first.....

A few years ago I was living in Birmingham with some friends and even though at the time I was kind of in a bad place, what with breaking up with my boyfriend, It was still the best year of my life and the most fun I have ever had.

Thanks to four of my favourite people in the world (Will, Matt, Loz and Angsty), who have never let me down and who distracted me with their crazy antics.

All of these videos were recorded after a large consumption of alcohol and a few aren't in great quality as it was on my phone's camera.

P.S. I hate how spell checker is in American English not British English (the proper English) It is telling me to spell favourite without the u, it does the same with realise too, says to put a z instead of the s. How stupid! There really should be a way to change it depending on what country you are in.

Also I love how Matt forgets the name for a letter box.

Just the Beginning

A few of my friends have got blogs and they all seem to be about specific things, like gaming reviews, rock climbing or geeky things to do with computers and programming that I don't even understand.
However this blog isn't going to be about anything specific, to be honest I don't really know what it's going to be about. I guess I would like it to become a sort of photo blog type thing, As I do love to take pictures but I'm sure this will just end up becoming a place for me to write about interesting things that I find on the interweb and a place for all of my weird thoughts to be put.

First proper post coming soon.