Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Most Fucked Up Clip Of The Day

I was very bored earlier today so I was looking through the many many videos I have recorded over the years and decided to make a little compilation of some of my favourites and put it up on here.

A little back story first.....

A few years ago I was living in Birmingham with some friends and even though at the time I was kind of in a bad place, what with breaking up with my boyfriend, It was still the best year of my life and the most fun I have ever had.

Thanks to four of my favourite people in the world (Will, Matt, Loz and Angsty), who have never let me down and who distracted me with their crazy antics.

All of these videos were recorded after a large consumption of alcohol and a few aren't in great quality as it was on my phone's camera.

P.S. I hate how spell checker is in American English not British English (the proper English) It is telling me to spell favourite without the u, it does the same with realise too, says to put a z instead of the s. How stupid! There really should be a way to change it depending on what country you are in.

Also I love how Matt forgets the name for a letter box.

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